Frequently Asked Questions
What are 'Chickens'?
Chickens are the miners that are getting you BNB and work to get your rewards. So you hire more miners when you hatch eggs (re-deposit rewards).
What is the price of eggs?
Eggs do not have a set price. Higher TVL = eggs per BNB, Lower TVL = fewer Beans. This creates a leveled playing field so no user can be late. There is NO calculator available to work this out
What will my daily percentage be?
The daily percentage is up to 9% This depends on a lot of factors: - 1. Selling habits 2. The time of day you hatch eggs (re-deposit) 3. Feeding of Corn 4. TVL fluctuation. The Average daily return is 2.5-9%
Why are my rewards not growing?
Selling habits affect APR, and if you eat too much your daily percentage drops. If you only started with a small deposit, then it will take time to display on the dApp. The dApp only supports up to 3 decimal places. TVL daily increase can cause a lower daily percentage as well. I turned on auto-compounding and my eggs keep reducing. Why?
It's completely normal. It's because the first day for the auto-strategies is for selling, so after the first day, it would keep compounding for X number of days! You can verify this by checking your wallet's In Transactions.
What are the anti-whale measures in this protocol?
If you always eat your daily percentage will drop dramatically and will not receive the highest daily returns. This is the anti-whale mechanism that prevents a whale from draining the TVL!
How can I get my initial investment back?
You can only get it back over a period of time since ChickenLand is a locked rewards pool. But it's just going to take 2-4 weeks if your selling habits are good!
What are the fees?
There is a 2% dev fee and a 2% marketing fee taken upon ALL deposits and withdrawals. Standard BSC network gas fee is required for EVERY transaction made deposits, withdraws, and re-deposits! A common issue when re-baking is no gas fees!
How is this sustainable?
As long as there is TVL in the contract then there will always be rewards. The investors who sell too much get punished and get lower and lower rewards. It will last a long time the higher the TVL is!
How is ChickenLand different from all the other similar protocols out there?
ChickenLand is the most advanced out of them all! Let's answer this with examples: - 1. The best strategy that all these protocols recommend is: Hatch for 6 days and Sell for 1 day. this will compound your interest and you receive your initials back in 3 to 4 weeks. The issue with this: You can easily forget to Hatch or Sell Eggs any day. We are here with the most advanced contract which consists of an option to hatch the eggs automatically for 6 days and Sell them for 1 day! 2. Dev fee is 3% on most protocols. We have the lowest dev fee. It's just 2% in our protocol! 3. There's no way to increase the rewards on other protocols. We have CORN that you can feed to Chickens so they produce eggs faster, and you get more rewards! 4. We've upgraded our protocol to become an actual P2E Platform, where you actually earn. This is the first time that's happened on DeFi space!
What prevents it from being a rug pull by the devs?
The contract is immutable. Therefore cannot be changed or altered in any way shape or form. It will be audited and verified. You will be able to view this on bscscan.com and the audit will be found on the website
When is it too late to invest?
The beauty about our protocol is, that it's never too late to invest! The contract is written to provide an optimal entry for any and all users, new or old. This is the reason the Chickens per BNB amount changes frequently with TVL fluctuation to provide an even playing field for any new user coming to ChickenLand and not giving the first user/s a headstart! We also have an additional feature where you can always increase your rewards by feeding CORN to the Chickens!
What is the minimum deposit?
The minimum BNB required to buy chickens is 0.01. It's also the same value for hatching eggs.
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