Project Overview

Introduction of ChickenLand


ChickenLand is the most advanced and fully sustainable ecosystem that rewards its investors up to 9% daily. We are also the first BNB miner to introduce pre-built auto-compounding strategies ready to use by our holders, all you need to do is select the strategy that you want to use and the contract will do it automatically for you, no need to compound manually (A famous example is the 6:1 strategy that consists of hatching eggs for 6 days and eating eggs the 7th day, with our pre-build strategies, you only need to choose it, and let the contract automatically do the job for you).
Our Decentralized application is a $BNB reward pool, with a daily APR return fixed to 9% and the smallest fees found in the BSC chain: a 2% dev tax, and a 2% marketing tax, with an additional 1% fee if you decide to use the pre-built strategies.
We are also the first to introduce dual rewards via our BitCorn token. Holding $BitCorn helps you feed your chicken, making them produce extra daily rewards.

What makes us stand out?

  • Highest Daily Rewards
  • Lowest Dev Fee on BSC
  • Always-Sustainable Ecosystem
  • Custom Written Contract
  • Pre-built auto-compounding strategies
  • Audit before presale
  • KYC'D Team
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